FAQ for Panda3d website

Should we create a FAQ for Panda users?

  • Would be cool - I could use it…
  • Would be cool & I’m willing to participate
  • Would be cool - I have already material for it…
  • Useless, the people should search the forums…
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Hi folks,

as I dig deeper into the Panda knowledge I find many helpful stuff in the forum - and I find that my questions are also the questions of other people.

What about a FAQ for the website as extension of manual/website?

I’m willing to participate to add stuff to the FAQ with my questions and my found answers…


There is a FAQ in the manual. It just isn’t very big yet.

lol yeah that definately needs some more questions…

It will be great if the problems haven’t been addressed in the manual. Then it can be shifted up to the manual for more thorough explanation.
Is that what you want ? Collecting all problems & answers found in the WHOLE forum (excluding version changes problems) ?

Hi folks,

I haven’t recognized the FAQ in the manual. Regarding the content - no wonder…

When I could express whishes (before christmas this maybe the case :wink: ) I would wish: I would like to have a FAQ entry in the Panda website and within this site/menu various topics, e.g.:
FAQ for manipulation of objects
FAQ for physics
FAQ for gaming issues
FAQ for …

I offer to think about a good structure and I’m willing to participate some edited comment for some of the sections. No all - I’m currently not into game playing so someone else should take care of it.

The FAQ answers could be something between “edited, revised and summarized answers” up to “see this forum post [link]”

Maybe a wiki would be also good for it, depends what infrastructure this website has.

Maybe it would make sense to delegate the responsibility for various sections to volunteers.

As ynjh_jo said: after some revising the stuff could be moved into the manual. But more important for the users would be to have it online within the website.