fancy menus for everybody

I’m just coming to make a menu gui for myself and I don’t see a reason why not to share it here so here you go. Here a sample shot of what I’m talking about:

It is nothing so special cos it basically uses direcScrolledFrame off directgui but I always felt the lack of a comfortable interface to make my game menus and so I did it.
Dig the code to see how to use it and eventually post here your doubts.

this looks great, thx for sharing!

I’m building GUI stuff for my game right now and was thinking of subclassing - hope to learn something about it from your code.

k silveralex I’m looking forward for critics - even if it make perfectly sense I guess you shouldn’t need to subclass though but rather just feed the object with the data and relative handling functions. At least this is how I conceived and planned to use it.

Good job! Since you posted it in “Code Snippets”, may I use it (perhaps slightly edited by me) in my game? I have two main uses planned for it, the first being a way to select from a map list, the second being a way to choose display resolution (which my game is being done in 4x3, so it can scale accordingly).

bigfoot, when I say ‘for everybody’ I mean that indeed.
Just remember me if your game reach a million dollar revenues :wink:

that is precisely the usage I thought and make for it.

Well, thanks!
That million dollars might be a while. :laughing:

today I changed things a little - now the stuff may be used to have overlapping pseudo-cascade menus so I guess now it is quite usable in real-world games while before needed a little work more, as pointed by the guys above. Enjoy it at the same link to the top

Won’t pandaprojects be a better place to host these snippets?

what is a ‘pandaprojects’?

ah now I see - it’s been a while I’m thinking about to collect my panda3d snips in something rational but I guess I ain’t enough stuff to justify the work. I’ll keep thinking about though…