[FALSE] Typo in the Panda3D documentation?!

I’ve come to report a typo in the official Panda3D documentation/tutorial thing.
When you navigate to the link (https://docs.panda3d.org/1.10/python/introduction/tutorial/starting-panda3d)
And scroll down under the header “Running the program”.
You’ll come across an instruction instructing to run a python program by typing this command
ppython filename.py This is a typo and it should be
python filename.py
Minor typo but Panda3D seems like a pretty big library.

Hi, welcome to the community!

It’s not a typo. On Windows, we ship a copy of python.exe called ppython.exe. The main reason for that is that when you type “ppython”, you’re sure to get Panda3D’s copy of Python, rather than any other copy you might have installed.

Oh that is cool.
I thought I found something for a second ^-^.