extremely easy animation method has 2 small problems

Hey gang. I’m hoping someone can help me out with this.

I’ve found a method that will allow people with little or no prior skills to easily create complex animations for use in Panda as well as allow advanced users to greatly increase the speed of their workflow. It’s for the latter that Square Enix has used an identical method for nearly every game they’ve ever produced including Final Fantasy VII through XII.

Here’s the first problem:

In order to use it you must be able to read Japanese. I’m working on an english tutorial right now.

Here’s the second problem:

You must store your animation in a dotx file which when opened with pview results in the following error

Known pipe types:
(all display modules loaded.)
Loading x1.x

Error in x1.x at line 3, column 20:
AnimTicksPerSecond {
Unknown template: AnimTicksPerSecond

This can be “fixed” by opening up the dotx with PyPe and commenting out line three. This allows the file to opened and the animation played, however it also causes pview to use its default playback speed which appears to be about 7 trillion frames per second.
Does anyone know how to to correct this. Here’s line three:

AnimTicksPerSecond {

Hmm, AnimTicksPerSecond appears to be a relatively recent addition to the .x file standard; it didn’t exist at the time we wrote the original x file importer. Someone will have to extend Panda’s importer to understand about this new feature.

Are there any options on your .x file export process that allow you to control the way the animation is written? Maybe there’s a way to write the animation in a different form that Panda’s importer can understand.


If you can send me a copy of your x file, I might be able to extend the x importer to understand it.


Thanks for taking a look at this David. I sent you a sample x file. It’s not much, just a simple figure walking. If something more complex would help let me know.

I just got a look at the egg you sent me. This is exactly what I was trying to accomplish. Thank you very much! Is there anyway I can get my hands on the new x importer or do I need to wait for the next autobuild update (if so, it’s definitely worth the wait :laughing: )

Thank you again

You can certainly download the latest Panda from cvs and build it yourself. But pro-rsoft has been working hard on getting 1.6 out the door, and I imagine that won’t be much longer now.


That sounds great news to me, always i found panda’s worst nightmare is passing through a really large scaring pipeline for having models with full compatibility with the engine.
so what should be the name of this process?