Extracting a MultiFile without modules

I have been working on a game in Panda3D and have created some Multifiles which contains the game contents. At the moment, I only have two Multifiles, and each are located on my web server. I have created a game launcher in raw python (that is using a gui system) that requests you to login, and it checks the username, and password off of my database. Anyway, I was able to successfully grab the Multifiles off of the web server, however one of the files contains the system files of the game (the *.exe, and libraries), and I have been wondering how I might go about extracting the multifile in raw python without using multify, Multifile, or any panda modules.

~ Green Myth

I can’t think of any good way to do that. You’d have to write your Python code to know the underlying format of the Panda multifile, which is a bad idea for several reasons. It would probably be best to use a non-Panda format such as zipfile for storing the initial Panda assets, then only use the Panda multifile for storing assets after you have extracted the meat of your game code.

Because you mention *.exe and libraries, I assume you are using the C++ interface to Panda to write your game. If you were writing your game in Python instead, you could easily use Panda’s p3d system for packaging it on a website, which automatically handles all of this stuff for you. Unfortunately, the p3d system does not yet easily support C++ code.