exposeVertice maybe?

I am starting to get the hang of using model characteristics…

First issue: my model has no joints defined, although it’s very simple, just a cylinder. Can the panda utils help me automatically define joints where the triangles are intersecting?

Or maybe I don’t need "joint"s. Can I attach a new object to vertices from my existing cylinder if the cylinder has no joints to be retrieved by using exposeJoint?

Joints are pieces of your model that move independently, controlled by animation channels.

Assuming your model isn’t animated, then its vertices are all in fixed positions; and so by “vertices” you really mean “positions”.

Thus, to attach an object to a model’s “vertex”, you parent it to the model, and then setPos() it to the desired position. Panda doesn’t have tools to look up the position of a particular vertex (at least, not easily), but you can find the position by looking in the egg file, or by trial and error with object.place().


You are perfectly right and it’s how it should be and it even makes perfect sense to me. I should probably refrain from posting questions in the middle of the night and wait to see if I can figure it out in day-time :slight_smile:
Now it’s all math for me, I’ll dig out those formulas I learned back in high-school…