Expose Joints coordinates and getRelativePoint

Hello everyone, I am currently working on a program with procedurally animated models. Right now I don’t really want or need the added complexity of a physics system, so I was trying to make the models look a little like they had to obey the law of gravity. The idea was to figure out which foot was lower and (assuming that when the models were first placed they were on the ground) lowering the entire model by the difference in height. I am using expose joint to get the positions of the models but I can’t figure out what coordinate system they are in or how to change that into either an absolute coordinate system or at least the coordinate system of the model root-node. If anyone knows how this could be done I would be very grateful.

Nodes have the position relative to their parent’s position.

To get an absolute position, try object.getPos(render).
To set one, try object.setPos(render,x,y,z)

Thanks for the tip, that solved the problem perfectly, I had been trying to use render.getRelativePoint and then using the getPos but that wasn’t working.