Exporting transparent materials Yabee

Hi to all,

I’ve been trying to export a model with a transparent material using yabee. This is the preparation process I follow in blender:

  • I add the material.
  • I add the texture.
  • In the texture tab, under influence, I check Alpha. I also ensure that use and show Alpha are checked.
  • In the material tab, I set specular intensity to 0.
  • I check on Transparency, and make the Alpha value 0. [under z-transparency]
  • I export.

Here is the error that I get when trying to load the model:

Assertion failed: _alpha != NULL && x >= 0 && x < _x_size && y >= 0 && y < _y_si
ze at line 400 of c:\buildslave\release_sdk_win32\build\panda3d\built\include\pn

Another way that I tried, was to simply add the material, the texture, click on use alpha on the texture tab, in the material tab click on transparency [z-transparency] and the export. In this instance, the model’s material is not transparent.

Here is a screenshot:

The reason I need this is to use very low-poly plants and trees that still look good. Other than using fractals or some other solutions, this is the best approach I think, if one wants to minimize poly count. Plus one has more freedom, as one can make use of many different images, as compared to the same archetype that is used under various modalities in fractal-generation.

Any thoughts that might help are most welcome.


What format of texture you use?

I used the .tga format in this case. And changing it to .png just worked…thanks for pointing that out; such a silly mistake on my part!

Can you convert it to the .png and see what will happen with the first variant?

I just did, with the first variant this time; it works fine, the error was the format.