Exporting textured models

A modeler tried to export a 3d model from 3ds max, but i cant load the textures. When i tried to apply it to the model, the 3D modèl appeared yellow, or brown when i move the camera.
Can someone explain to me ?
I just load the model and apply the texture.
Thank you

When you pview the model, does it display error messages in the console window about not being able to locate the texture files? If you move the egg file to a different directory after exporting it, you may have to move the texture files with it.

Try looking within the egg file (for instance, with Notepad). You will see the texture filenames referenced in the first few lines of the egg file. Are these the correct filenames, and can they be found relative to the egg file itself?


In the Pview the model appeared non-textured. But i want to texture it with panda
But the model is just paint yellow…
But how can i reference a certain texture file for a certain model ?

Does the model have a texture in 3DSMax?

If it doesn’t have a texture in the first place–that is, if pview is correctly not showing it with textures–then it probably doesn’t have texture coordinates either.

If this is the case, then you can’t simply apply a texture to it by using loadTexture() and setTexture(), because a texture requires texture coordinates in order to know how it should stretch over the model.

Depending on your needs, you may be able to generate texture coordinates in Panda using the setTexGen() call; see the Panda3D manual. This may or may not be suitable. If it is not, you will probably be best off applying a sample texture in 3DSMax, even if it is not the final texture you want to apply in game.


Thank you !
i resume :
load the texture loadtexture and get the texture coordinate texgen, i’ll and tell you if it work thanx.

hi, i try SetTextGen() i can see the texture but, the uv coordinate is not good, and i must do a lot of manipulation for get the correct coordinate, here is a screenshot

I use a spécial system of exportation
The model is made with blender, exported in .3DS, read in 3dsmax (the textures had desappeared) and export in .EGG
Can someone tell me if its possible to get the uv texture coordinate of the texture into the modeler ?

(sorry again for my english)