Exporting problems

Here is the biggest problem: exporting a file, I have decided to use Blender most of all because Blender has a much user friendly interface and less menus so I won’t surf through the menus too much.

So I made my first actor with animation:

  • for some reason Chicken didn’t export me that animation, i surf and found out that there might be a way with bones; tried that works 2 out of 5 (I actually calculate it) and I really don’t have time to go through all of that process on to export a file when 1000 are waiting

  • next I tried a .x way; it works fine but I don’t know the animation name and it is needed even for ActorInterval

So if anybody know a how to do that quickly and sure or to use another editor than blender, my ears (well actually my eyes) are wide open?

the only animations supported by chicken are bones-animations in combination with the armature-modifier (reparenting armature and model wont work).

Can you please tell me the exact steps in order to make an Animation (with armature)

Thank you!

If you have a model and armature, all you need to do is select your model, use “Add Modifier” and choose Armature modifier, select your armature and you’re done.

About how to actually create an armature or model: there are plenty of blender tutorials about it.

It doesn’t work…I tried all methods: area highlight (a.k.a. Envelop), parenting and modifier and it either gives a static animation, says in pview no animation or it doesn’t even recognise it.

So please help me with the 2 options left:
How do you know .x animation name and/or(if its not necessary) how do you play that animation?
Or suggest me another file format?

Please help or my project will pretty much be frozen…

the armature modifier works just fine if you stick with what the chicken manuals says.
the only way it works is using the armature modifier. i think it doesnt really matter if you use vertexgroups, wheightpaint or envelopers to do the weighting.

since i dunno exactly what you tried i can only guess. using an armature modifier wont work if you move around your entire armature (if that’s what you where trying).
it will only work if you move the bones around in pose-mode and asign keyframes.

if you can provide an example file or describe your problem more accurate we can help you to get this problem solved more easily.
chicken itself works, for sure :slight_smile: so its most likely you missed a minor detail or something else so it didnt work for you.

For the record, you can list the animation names you loaded from an .x file with actor.getAnimNames().


Tnx drwr.

Here is what I did with .egg:

  • spawn a plane (Space+add+mesh+Plane)
  • spane an armature (Space+add+armature)
  • modified the plane with the armature (add modifiers+armature+and in the object typed the name of the armature)
  • made the animation (sizing the plane) with keyframes on Size
  • and now when I click Export->egg no animation is on but if I make step 3 again except this time I don’t press accept
  • and now the animation bar are there but when I export it and pview it nothing happens on the animation or it writes “No animation”

Hmm, it’s possible that the animation is there, but that chicken doesn’t invoke “pview” the right way. Could you try using the way drwr suggested to list the animations to see if it’s there?
You can also try to pview it from the command-line like this:

pview yourmodel.egg yourmodel-anim.egg

just to confirm. did you do keyframes on the plane (in objectmode) , or on the bones of the armature (in pose mode)?

Mesh in Onject Mode

moving the meseh in object mode wont work. like i already said. the ONLY animations supported are using bone-based animations.
so you need to move the armature’s bone in the pose-mode and add keyframes there.
of course you could change chicken to also export other types of animations. but for now thats the only thing chicken supports out of the box.

Ok, here is what I done as in example and is the save right before the export!

Can you please export it and tell me if it works. If not, what changes have you done to make it work! This save contain implementation suggested by ThomasEgi on a UVSphere.


hm. from what i see. it looks like chicken doesnt support envelopers (at least my version doesnt, and mine is not up-to-date)
exporting the animation works for me after i weight-painted the vertices to asign them to the bone.

Ok, I’m listening, how do you weight paint for egg animation; is there any trick or just weight paint mode and paint the mesh?

Wait I figure it out :wink:

Thank all for trying to help me especially ThomasEgi and I will do in Pipeline a tutorial based on how to draw in Blender an animation in Pipelining so that it can be exported in egg. At least until this is resolved!

just in case you wanna have a look at it. or others who encounter the same problem.
this is more a blender thing than a chicken thing. there should be plenty of material about it, tutorials and so on.