Exporting Maya lights to Panda

Is Panda capable of understanding Maya lights in its current state?
It would be very useful to know this since I am starting some work on a Mel script that will catalog Maya light information in locators before exporting to Panda.

I also understand that a lot of the Panda lights are very similar to Maya in terms of nomenclature. Would the information of Maya lights map over nicely to Panda light settings? I guess a lot of this depends on actually testing it out.

maya2egg does not export Maya lights, but it will export the nodes that contain them–so you can set up the lights where you like them and export the scene, and then re-create the lights themselves in Panda and reattach them to the same nodes. The nodes will inherit the position and orientation from the Maya scene, so that takes care of most of the hard work of setting up lights.