Exporting from maya with collision detection - Help Required

Dear All,

I want to export objects from maya, but with collision detection.

Someone please help, Ive got Panda3d version 1.7.2, and maya 2012.

If there is a way to do it through 3d max, please mention it, got 3d max 2012

Also, I was trying to open .egg files using text editors, but all I see is strange characters, can some one help me in that too ?

You can use the eggObjectFlags.mel script (which you can find in the Panda source) to tag objects in Maya for collisions. For instance, if you tag an object with the “Barrier” flag, it will become an invisible collision wall.

Or, you can hand-edit the egg file after you have exported it, as described in the manual, to add the appropriate collision flags. This works for both Maya and Max models.

An egg file is an ASCII text file; it will not consist of strange characters. If you open an egg file and you see only strange characters, it means either (a) this is not actually an egg file, or (b) this is a compressed egg file, i.e. foo.egg.pz, in which case you can uncompress it with the punzip command.


Thanks alot for your help, I used the manual method, might take long, but it is easy

If you had the same problem check this

panda3d.org/manual/index.php … _from_Maya