Exporting from maya 7

Any chance theres a maya2egg built against maya7? Otherwise, what would be the best path to export out of maya while preserving animations and such (x file perhaps?)

Is there any way to save as a Maya 6.5 file? That would give you your best chance for success. Otherwise, second choice would be X file.

Third choice is to get the sources and compile it yourself for Maya 7. :slight_smile:


The problem isn’t so much that the file is version 7.0 (the fileformat is probably the same), its that the maya DLLs that the plugin uses have changed so it is having dynamic runtime errors (can’t find functions in OpenMaya.dll or something like that).
I’ll see if I can recompile using gcc or something :slight_smile:

That’s right, you’d need to have the Maya6.5 DLL’s handy. Sorry about that.

You won’t be able to compile Panda using gcc on Windows; it requires at least the free Microsoft Visual Toolkit. I believe there are instructions in the manual for downloading and installing this.


Finally got everything working by hacking the makepanda files :slight_smile:
Couldn’t figure out how to make a maya2egg7 so I just made a maya2egg65 linked against the maya 7 sdk.
Edited the mel script too for exporting ease.
Thanks, now back to work!