Exporting as collision geometry?

I’m still stuck on the problem of collision detection on a (very) large model, where basically the entire model should detect collisions. I have a feeling that the best way to make things work at this point is to export it from blender with the collision octree and hope for the best…

I went off the Chicken guide and set a property with name:ObjectType and data “Barrier”, but I don’t really think it worked… Or really even how to check.

The main problem here is, again, collision detection on a large, complex model. Is there any easy way to do this?

I have all my collision detection setup as exports from Blender 2.49. I have not used Blender 2.5, and probably will not (no time to soon anyway).

If you’ve exported things correctly, you’ll know because you will have collision detection with that object. The collision “barriers” are not seen and I don’t think you can make them visible (in game) either.

As long as you set an objects properties correct in Blender, you shouldn’t have any issue.

The correct settings would be choosing “string” (first property box), then typing “ObjectType” (yes, with that capitalization; second box) and then typing “barrier” (yes, lower case) in the third property box.

I’ve noticed how you type it does make a difference…at least for me it did.

One easy way to visualize them is to view the egg file with pview and press shift-C.