Exporting Animated model using YABEE

Hi there,

I’m fairly new to Blender, but nevertheless I’ve managed to follow tutorials and make an animated character for a Panda3D game. I was able to export a static model perfectly fine with its textures and all but now that I’ve animated it I’m running into problems. The only addons I’m using are rigify and YABEE.

My problem is that when I select the rig (what I think I’m meant to be selecting) and export, a normal egg and an animated egg are created. In Pview, neither show up. When I fiddle round selecting just the model etc when exporting, I get errors.

I hope this isn’t too vague.

character1a2.blend (4.93 MB)

Hi Wallace,

the problem with your model is, that you have two Armature modifiers set on your character mesh. Simply head over to the modifiers and remove one of them, make sure the other armature modifier is correctly set up and export your model again.

Thanks for your reply Wolf, you were right about there being two Armature modifiers! I’ve removed the one which didn’t seem to have any object connected with it and both eggs export now without errors. However, I think I may still be doing something wrong when exporting as although the static model comes out perfectly fine, there is blank when I check the walk animation in Pview. I’ve tried changing the name of the animation when exporting (to something clearly wrong) and it still exports with the same effect. My feeling was that maybe it’s not able to find the walk action or something?

Ah I was doing the wrong commands in the terminal with pview!

instead of

All is well now thanks :smiley: