Exporting a pose

Hey guys,

I’m using MakeHuman to create a human model and then I imported it on Blender.

This model has bones, so I’d like to change its pose. To do so, I went into Pose Mode and I moved a bone to another position. I thought that this would work, but when I exported it to *.egg using YABEE, the model I see on the Panda3D window is the same as if I haven’t changed the pose.

Does anybody know why this is happening?


YABEE export only the “rest” pose, and animation from the timeline. So if you want to see “pose”, you should make keyframe with this pose and export it as an animation.

I am really sorry for asking this, but how do I do it?

First of all, make sure that one of your Blender views is the Timeline view – in my case it’s the default bottom view, it seems; the Timeline view is identified by an icon of a clock. (If it’s not open, and you’re not sure of how to open it, go to a view (preferably one other than your main 3D view), and click on the icon at the bottom-left. A menu should pop up. In this menu, look for “Timeline”, which again should be next to an icon of a clock; click on that and you should have the Timeline view open.)

Now, give your model a simple pose – just move one arm, for example – then move the green bar in the Timeline view (which represents the current frame, I believe), using either the left or right mouse button (whichever it’s set to be in your version). You should find that the pose resets to its reset position. This is because we didn’t add a keyframe to tell Blender to keep that pose at that point in time.

Trying again, move the green bar to some point – frame 10, for example. Now pose your model again, and once you’re done, press the “i” key on your keyboard. This should produce a menu; depending on what changes you’ve made to the pose (I find that I usually only rotate my bones), select the appropriate type. You should see a yellow line appear on the Timeline: a keyframe. Move the green bar again and note that the pose isn’t lost.

Finally, in YABEE, add an animation, giving it the frame number at which you posed your model. You may find that you should give it an end frame at least one frame higher than the start frame – I’ve had some trouble with attempting to have an animation start and end on the same frame. Export, and you should have your pose as an animation, which you should be able to import into Panda and set using the “pose” method (if I recall correctly).

I hope that this helps. :slight_smile:

I rotated one of its arms and when I exported it, it worked! Thanks a lot!