Exporters: What to Recommend?

You are right. :grinning:

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Surely, then, it would make sense to put in a feature request for blend2bam to add an export operator that respects selected objects, if you are lacking this feature. :slight_smile:

Maybe–but it seems to me that specifying individual elements via command-line is likely to be awkward–even cumbersome with large scenes.

I’d much rather there were a GUI interface, ideally integrated with Blender, and if so then using Blender’s selection mechanism to specify what is to be exported.

That is what I am suggesting: requesting that blend2bam add an export operator to Blender’s export menu.

Such a request belongs on the blend2bam GitHub issue tracker.

Ah, I see–my apologies then!

In that case, I may well make such a request there.

And done:

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