Export more than one modifier from Blender into Panda3D

I am trying to export a model of a hand from blender to egg format.

My mesh has an Armature modifier as well as a Subsurf modifier. When I try to export it using Chicken, I get the message “The following objects have Armature modifiers but also contain other modifiers: Hand. The effects of these modifiers cannot be exported”

Is there any way to export both modifers? perhaps using a different exporter? I went with Chicken because it was recommended on the Panda website.

Also is there a way to export IK solvers as well?


ik solvers wont export since panda doesnt have build-in ik solvers.

you can always apply the subsurface smodifier and then hit the export button. it may be good to create a copy of your model. apply the modifier there and export then. to not mess up your original model.