Export an Animation

I recently finished a character that has differents animations, using Blender 2.49, Panda 1.6.2 and Chicken Exporter 0.71b in Windows XP.

When i select the armature and try to export it, exporter tells me that i´m not selecting anything, how can i export the animations ?,

I looked into manual and searching the forums but unlucky didn´t found something…

Thank you.


oh, that means that R71b does not support animation export, well you as a blender user, how 1.0 works ? going to test it…

weird, i downloaded chicken export 1.0 from the official site 1.0 depreciated, and dont have those options… can you tell me where to download it ?

You obviously misunderstood. Chicken R71b is the latest release (1.0 is very old) and supports animation export fine.

read the hole topic :wink:

I know that 71b is most recent, but can´t find the way to export animations…

I looked the Maroxe’s post but that version of chicken seems to be most completed than i have…

this is that i have :

Version 71b, i dont know what is the current option to export the anims.

And this is 1.0 that is not the same to Maroxe one…

I like to know where to download that you have maroxe or what is the way to make it through 71b…

in the 71b screenshot. there is a unreadable-blured line with red-text. right of the “Status:” thing. it should tell you what’s wrong. since it’s unreable could you post the text of this red-colored message?

oh yeah man, it says :
" 1 Error(s) 0 Warning(s) Found "

Then if i click on the button “View Report Page”, it says : “No object selected”.

That when i selecting the armature…

Is armature containing animation data?.

well you need to select armature and mesh (maybe the mesh itself is enough since it has a modifier with the armature) but i think you need the mesh selected.

i´m going to test it…!! thnkS

Hi friends…

I Posted a video demostracion about what thing i´m doing, maybe missing something ?

please, see it in the youtube channel:


I tried that Thomas said, but something is wrong, i´m not sure if that because blender…
Note that chicken export just one file the object, i think animation must to export too like an egg file, but where is ?..
thankyou again…

You didn’t read the Chicken manual or any of the previous threads, did you?

Chicken does not support exporting parented armatures. Use the Armature modifier.

Also, go into Object Mode before exporting.

No manual found in download area :
sourceforge.net/project/showfile … _id=184266

But that modifier i was not doing… will try thanks.
Before exporting the mesh, object mode was already selected in video.

The manual is in the download, or you can click the big “Help” button in the chicken exporter itself.

I could not find the manual in download either panda3d or chicken site, but no matter because help button was ok…

Excuseme , you will take me as a fool, but, i can´t get the script containing all the options, like i posted previously in two screenshots, both, 1.0 and 71b does not show me the animation buttons, the chicken manual make reference to a different exporter… that is the problem…

Very good blender capture.

I saw that you have not “Make Real” your armature modifier. Click that button and export it again. Also make sure you have add some animation frame (I believe you have done so).

If it still not working, send me or upload the blender file.

I’m not sure what clcheung means by ‘make real’ - that phrase doesn’t mean anything to me in that context. However, watching that video the only mistake I see is, as pro-rsoft already mentioned, you must use a modifier rather than paraenting. But, if its of help there is a link in the manual, http://chicken-export.svn.sourceforge.net/viewvc/chicken-export/trunk/tests/ to several examples. export-simple-char-test.blend shows a (very simple) rigged character - maybe have a look at that to see what your doing wrong.

Right, i know what clcheiung was meaning about, i did not make that, will try too, and downloading right now some examples to see in action…

let see.

Well, making real and applying modifiers i got able to export the animation, but mixed all in one file, the other way that i was found is with eggX2 exporter that can export the current animation with parented armature, and ran very well…

Both of them works great…
Thankyou all.