Expert Question:Panda Script Control from ActiveX

How would it work then.
Let’s say I set up a world with a python file and create my own functions and routines. Now I build an ActiveX control version of panda, and embed it in a web page.

Now I add javascript as the scriptcontrol language for the ActiveX component, Then how does javascript talk to python???

I assume it can talk to the C++ itself, but my functions and routines are in the python file?

Is this feasible? If so how does it work conceptually.

My knowledge in this area is very limited.


I would recommend writing a small shim layer as an ActiveX control. This control would launch your Panda application as a separate application, and would be responsible for communicating to your Python process via whatever channels you find appropriate (e.g. writing to a file, writing to the Windows registry, via TCP/IP, whatever).

Although it would be possible to compile Python as an ActiveX control itself, I don’t think you really want to do that; it’s difficult and clumsy, and you’d end up with a very large ActiveX control, which isn’t handled particularly well by Windows.


Adobe Atmosphere was a big program. You downloaded it and installed it.
Virtools same way,
Blink3d same thing
Shockwave etc…

This is what I’m thinking of when I’m talking about the activex control.