Experimental Operating Environment that uses Panda3D

We are seeking programmers, preferably with Panda3D experience, who can provide feedback about an interesting open-source software environment that could revolutionize the way people use computers. An abstract system consisting of “ideas”, controlled by an intuitive and immediate user interface transcends the boundaries of desktop and internet environments which have been arbitrarily segregating activity between individual programs, applications, files, or websites. This lets the user focus on goals rather than commands or applications.

You can read more at: ultranull.sourceforge.net


Well… this must be one of the most abigious projects I’ve ever seen. It took me abit to find out, but if I understand correctly, the idea is to create a new sort os thats completely driven by AI. Ie the computer learns from your previous commands?
AI seems to be the key in all those idea’s, but then I’m wondering, why do you want to design such a powerfull os in python / panda3d ? C++ / ASM seems more convenient since you’ll be working with alot of lowlevel stuff…

BTW. cute URL