experimental control

I again play with ODE

Experimental control of a gravi-platform realised on ODE.
It was checked on version 1.6.2.
The platform controled exclusively by the mouse.
Move the cursor from the centre that the platform has started to move
Move the cursor clockwise or counter-clockwise about a platform to turn it
mouse wheel - a platform raising/descent
The left button - to kick a box under sight
The right button - to drop a box under sight (if it hangs) or to hang (if it on the floor)

Red point - a sight

As it looks it is possible to see here youtube.com/watch?v=0006FAAoC6s

Packed source panda3d.org.ru/files/gravi.zip

Sorry for my english )

ahi tovarish, your demo is sweet but I’m lost in the russian panda page and can’t peek the pack :wink:
PS: why you ain’t upgraded yet to 1.7.0?

oops, sorry, i have forgotten that after updating CMS there are problems with guest access to files :blush:

I have fix link in the first post

With 1.7.0 in ubuntu 9.10 i had the same problem with ODE as here discourse.panda3d.org/viewtopic.php?t=8207

thank you now it works - btw your snippet works fine w/ 1.7.0
this stuff is fascinating but actually can’t figure out what you got in mind to do with - hope you let us see your progresses…

very interesting idea.
the control looks intuitive, but what’s its purpose (if any)?

so, it only experiment with control. I have not thought up practical application to it yet ))
m.b. it is useful for some space arcade, or something similar )

As to use - here an example of hmm… graviball )
But now it is not too alike to a code snippet )

This can be handy for many iphone games.

You means accelerometer?


It is not enough my knowledge of С++ & Mac to translate game :slight_smile:
In addition, I make it as networking game. As experiment to me suggested to develop the controller, based on the accelerometer. Like this youtube.com/watch?v=-UVtym146cE