Expectation for Panda3D development and bug fixes?

I realize Panda3D is a free to use, but I’m curious, what can we, as users of Panda3D expect in terms of future development or support in case we encounter bugs? Do they offer any premium support options?

I see some promising indications, such as version 1.8.0 being released in 2012, and an administrator did address the forum spam issues. But I also see some less-inspiring indicators–

  • The Panda3D development blog was very quiet in 2011 and 2012.

  • The bugtracker status–

92 New bugs
138 Open bugs
3 In-progress bugs
0 Critical bugs
9 High importance bugs


There are high-prioruty 2-year-old bugs that have not even been assigned to a developer.

well panda is BSD licensed. if you need a bug fixed or a feature added, grep the source and fix/add it.
patches are very welcome.

So with commercial engines I’m incapable of fixing a bug myself, but can expect the company to do so in the next release. With Panda3D I can fix a bug myself, but I may be waiting years for the makers to do so. Got it!

It’s all good. Just wanted to understand the model. :slight_smile:

Going by the numbers won’t always be an accurate gauge.
If a reported bug has not been fixed after a long time, it may simply be because the report was in error. A legitimate bug that is not fixed for a long time is probably a feature that most users do not use, otherwise enough noise would be made to draw attention to it.
Also a lot of those bugs will be closed when the next version is released.