execution order?

I have a game that implements a client to connect to a server. I want to put an image on screen before connecting to the server as well:

class MyGame(DirectObject):
    def __init__(self):
        self.myImage = OnscreenImage(image = ....)
        self.myClient.connect(host, port, timeOut)

I want the image to appear on the screen and then the connection is made, the image is a load image, text of image is “connecting to server”. But the opposite occurs, the load image is displayed only when the client has completed connecting. As I can force Panda3D to load the image first and then connect to the server?
I want to do this from the init.
Thank You!

This is a guess, but the image wont be drawn until the next frame, which wont be done until after the function finishes. Use a one time do later task for myClient.connect() so the image can be drawn.