exclude-texture-scale does not handle name with directories?

Every thing in the ui dir should be excluded from texture scaling.

exclude-texture-scale data/ui/*.png

The above method does not work but i think it should.

Hmm, good point. We can make that change. In the meantime, though, you could simply use some common prefix on all of your ui textures, like “ui_”, for instance.


hmm the other problem i see with that way is what if you have 2 textures named star ( in my case star.png as an icon and star.png as a texture ) even though they live in very different places i don’t need to auto-scale star the icon but i do want to auto-scale the star the texture …

Right; in our own systems, we have named each texture uniquely, regardless of the directory it may be found in. In fact, if you use egg-palettize you are already forced into this design model. This is why we never considered it a problem not to include the directory name in the pattern matching.

I’m not saying you need to do the same thing, of course; although until I make the suggested fix in Panda, it might be helpful for this particular reason. :slight_smile: