HI all, I am new on panda3d and i want to use it. For understand how it work I want to read also a program, and not only tutorial. I have found sone program-exambles good commeted in this forum, but anyone work; i think they are for an old version of panda3d, are there other program-examples?

for reading a program you have to understand how at least some thing=).
well the tutorials ARE programms and they are no different from a real applicatoin (except that they are significantly larger). if you want to understand how it works, work through the manual. there you can find links to python tutorials, once you found out how python works you’ll have no trobule with panda. have a look at them and at the panda manual+exaples comming within panda.
a basic knowledge about 3d-grafic wont hurt but i guess with the tutorials and the manual you can already get quite far.
“real” programms are rare to find, but most of it is in the sampels/tutorials.

you might want to look at “airblade” in the download section.

thomas e

thanks for reply but it is’t what i want to do: I have already read the basic tutorial/documentation, but I want to see examples like these: panda3d.org/manual/index.php/Examp … _Community
but working, these i think are for old version because they are full of errors and problems, anyway is this what i want to find.

ah, another question: sometimes i go to look for functions or other but nine times out of ten I find the script and how to use it but not what i have to import, because panda have those all modules like direct.Actor direct. …
how can i see the name of module to import when i find a script in documentation?

well for the applications… guess you’ll have to write your own and contribute it =)
for the import stuff. check the documentation->list of clases
for example http://panda3d.org/apiref.php?page=ParticleEffect
on the very top you can find the import stuff.
in this case
from direct.particles.ParticleEffect import ParticleEffect

at least thats what i found… dunno of you can find it elsewhere. but usualy you can work with this.