Examples chrash all with the same error

I just downloaded Panda 1.0.4 for Windows.
The greeting card runs fine, but all other examples start up, run for some
time (about 1 sec) and then I get the following message :

:display:gsg:glgsg(error): at 4475 of d:\temp\panda3d-1.0.4\src\glstuff\glGraphicsStateGuardian_src.cxx : invalid operation
:display(error): deactivating wglGraphicsStateGuardian.

Is there someone who knows the source of this error ?
Regards, Oliver

But the first thing I would try is to update your graphics drivers. Let me know if that has any effect.

Hello !

Sorry for being late, but I am not at home atm.
I cant install the newest drivers because I have no good internet access
but I wanted to let you know that Panda3D works on my windows-laptop
both in dx8 and in GL software mode. The error therefore seems to have something to do with the L version or graühics driver. I will install the latest versions of both when I am back home.

regards, Oliver