evonic-online [gameplayVideo added]

On this Project im working together with my girlfriend. This is our student-bachelor (BA)-project, we are studying Interaktive Media in Germany, Augsburg. The Programming is mostly finished. Atm we are working mainly on the grafics and animations, which is especially important for us (we dont see us as programmer, we wanna become 3D-Artists [me focused on modeling, my GF on animation]).

about the game:
The game is turnbased and its played online, one on one. The game is played on the desk, using artoolkit.

At the beginning of a round, the player choses his characters with the belonging character-card. After that, the enemy characters become visible and the first round starts.
A round is played as following: first, the player can move the active character with a move-card, only a specific distance is allowed (this distance is different for the two character classes: light armor and heavy armor). Next the character can attack another enemy, if he`s in the attack range. The attack range is conditioned by the equipted weapon. There are ranged and melee weapons in this game with different attack-distances. After an attack is done, the enemy looses healthpoints, but theres also a chance to miss attacks. Also thers the option to do a special-attack, but this one needs some timing to success but increases damage heavy. We also implemented some simple collisions, to not be able to attack enemys that stand behind another enemy (or behind a own character). After that, the enemy player starts his turn.
After a won match, characters who where able to kill an enemy gather experience and the match-winner gets some money. If enough expirience is achieved, the respective character will level up and points become availible for that character, which can be spend into different attributes like luck strength, dexterity etc. to become more powerfull, a skilltree or somthing like that may be implemented in the future. With the money, different outfits and weapons can be bought and equipted (there is also a random chance for very powerfull items with different “prefixes” and/or “suffixes”).

more to come!

edit: Check out this gameplay-video of the newest Version:

Here are some (older) Screenshots, keep in mind that grafix are mostly WIP.

Character Spawn

moving a character


hope you like it!


That is super cool :smiley:

Extremely cool!

Excellent !

What is that video device your girlfriend wearing ? It is tired if wear for a long period of time ?

Glad you guys like it!!!

@clcheung: The device is borrowed from our university and its called “i-visior”. The supported resolution is very low, because of this its not so canny for the eye over a longer period of time. But the experience in an AR-Application is realy great (with a camera mounted on top [it has no build-in cam]).

btw have you seen this:
It seems to be a even greater technique compared to the ARToolkit. Would be toooo cool to play with something like that inside Panda…

unfortunately the license is not comptible with panda’s. so there is little hope to see it integrated into it.
a re-implementation may be possible.

This looks truly amazing. I especially like your models and the GUI.

Are you going to release it when it’s done?

Thank you for your kind words Nemesis#13,
yes we plan releasing this project when its done.

the promised video is finaly online: check it out here:


Amazing! That’s a very nice demo. I like the characters, their tatoos, armors and also you drag and drop feature. The blue spot on character’s feet is also well designed.

Few commetns if I may:

  • The text is not readeable when you’re next the “Mpec” GUI.
  • An FX sound when a message is received from other client would be nicer. Also, you can add some when a character is hurt and the shooting sound come too early following the shoot animation.
  • I don’t understand camera behaviour during battle scene.

As animations are more importatnt for you:

  • Breath animations are exagerated specially on the shoulders and knees.
  • Attack mouvements needs to be improuved (they don’t start correctly and stop too brutally).
  • You have a bad seam on character’s back (before you add armor). As character’s hands are near the ribs, you can put them their.

But it remains an amazing demo! Congrats :wink: