Ever noticed how some people have a gift . . .

Ever notice for some people everything just works? From assembling xmas toys to installing software- everything just works for them. I think the Irish called them ‘touched’.

This week I am having the opposite- everything I try has some nasty bug (well excluding Panda3d which has been a high point actually) - I mean the free modeling programs out there.

I used to build robotics for structural steel companies, and I was in the nuclear field in the Navy but I swear Blender has got to be the most complicated software I have ever seen. It’s worse than a jet cockpit.

SO I keep trying these various modelers and I find truespace and it exports in X- Yeah! But unfortunately their is a bug in the model section so all the models are rendered solid black- the workspace is rendered accurately. They admit this on their forum, and Truespace has been around for 20 some odd years! Why have such a simple bug?

My code and and stuff in Panda is going soothly- but I am losing so much of my hair trying to figure out this modeler thing. What I know how to use does not export to x only obj and May is almost halfway gone- which leaves me with about two weeks to figure this stuff out before school starts back (the kids here go two months on and one month off).

Which means I have two weeks to go to prepare to teach this stuff and the modelers are kicking my butt.

Im sorry for venting- but have ever felt like banging your head against a brick wall? Why is it I can write games? But I can’t grasp things like Blender? I need a 3d artist in addition to my 2d artist. She actually has started learning 3d and made some snow men and kitsune masks etc- but I need her to finish the other 100 some odd 2d artcards.

Any suggestions?

Edit: I just found out the program I did understand forbids geometries textures, or animations made with thier software to be used in 3d game environments. They specifically point this out in their FAQ. :imp:

JB SKaggs

Blender is easy. It only took me a couple days to adapt to its interface, and a week to dive into its internal data structure and python API.
Being able to see related settings at once is a good point. I don’t know if it’s more complicated than a jet’s control panel. I’ve never seen one, but I know a lightweight chopper’s looks like. Blender’s is alot simpler than that.
In which way did it hurt you ?

blender is not hard. but its also not intuitive.
if you want to use it you have to work through the beginner-tutorials one-by-one. but then its no big deal.
blender does many things a bit different than other modellers. it’s optimized for speedy workflow (but unfortunately not for intuitive usage which would help new users).
grep the blender "Noob to pro"wikibook and give yourself 2 or 3 days. it will work out.

Yesterday was a fifteen hour day spent in frustrated failures, from operating sys problems to path issues- mainly windows stuff.

Im a little less frustrated today- and my comment about blender being more complicated than a jet was a turn of speech not a literal statement.

I will go thru each of the tutorials one at a time. Including noob to pro.


JB SKaggs

c’mon jbskaggs, you make me feel sorta of a genius :smiley:
jokes apart, Blender could have an uncommon approach but is definitely not complicated, far from it - you just have to be friend with him and some docs to start talking the same idiom. I thus would give you a solid point to start a profitable friendship: check this awesome website out and then let us know how it comes.

Well I was talking to my wife once and we were discussing DaVinci and I said Next to DaVinci I feel like an idiot.

She said compared to everyone you are an idiot. :smiley:

I have one of those minds if I anticipate I do very well but if I cannot anticipate then I become agitated. Blender is just outside of the of the type of layouts and programs I anticipate and so I get frustrated. I’ll get used to it an it will click.

Thanks for the link- it will be of value!

JB SKaggs

very often ppl ask me why I’m still not married, now I’m going to print this post and will show to the next nosy one (and to my girlfriend as well) :slight_smile:

I tellya a secret: I felt it as well! In the beginning I fought to understand the Blender logic and it was an epic PITA but after a while, I realized I never change it with nothing else. I’m looking forward your first robot designed with Blender :wink:

Well honestly she said it it as a misstep- she meant to say compared to Davinci everyone was an idiot. OR so she says :smiling_imp:

Thanks for the encouragement!

JB SKaggs

I actually was able to create a terrain in Blender start to finish- export it to egg and it worked!

Who da Man!? I say who da MAN!

Seriously this was big step for me.

Tommorrow maybe a full model of a electron cloud of a Bacon molecule!

JB SKaggs :smiling_imp:

Hehe… congrats. :slight_smile:

Well, I gave up on it. Basically because I don’t have DAYS for learning a interface - and forget about it because I may need it again next year. :confused:

Regards, Bigfoot29

haha I told ya JB! :laughing:
PS: hey it’s that you in the cute avatar? nice one, no kidding

The avatar was before they shaved off all my fur.