Event Manager

I don’t understand the Event Manager system very well just from the manual could some one re-word it diferent.

it generates events and you use them.

Is there anything specific that you’re unsure of, or confused about?

Yes, what specifically is your confusion? Which manual page is the problem? Is it the page called ‘Event Handlers’? The concept is simple, but very useful. It is essentially a way to communicate between different objects in the system, without those objects needing to have references to each other.

You subscribe a function to a type of event by calling the accept(…) method. Then when an event of that type occurs, the subscribed function will be called. Different objects can subscribe different functions to the same event type, and they will all be called when an event occurs. Panda generates events for things like mouse and keyboard presses. You can also generate events yourself using the send(…) function. You can pass lists of arguments to both accept(…) and send(…) and they will be passed to all the subscribed functions when an event occurs.

Is that clear? Would an example help?