errors while exporting


huh? T-R-I-A-L isnt that a legal copie? i start to think you cant follow my minds, you where all the time talking about maya64, i never talked about maya64 and now again? please, keep cool! i prefer only the taste of cool peoples, instead i need so many salt.

Just out of curiosity ditus, where are you from? I’m curious if your posts are simply a reflection of you not being a native English speaker.

I kind of doubt the trial version of Maya ships with the devkit - does it?
Do the include/ lib/ directories in the Maya install dir exist?

google? at my version, everything works fine, if not just google for the libs :wink: and copy all the missing files into the bin and lib folder of maya and in the bin folder of panda. maybe i was downloading tons of dlls yesterday…

No. The devkit is licensed content and I’m not going to illegally acquire it.

Why can’t you simply tell me if you have said directories or not? You said you have Maya, or at least a trial version…

well, i reinstalled maya TRIAL, yes seems to be complete to me :wink:

here is a screenshot of my maya trial version…

Actually, I hope it does. It never occurred to me to think of that; for a while I’ve found it odd that Autodesk doesn’t simply offer the devkit as a free download on their website. After all, the devkit doesn’t enable you to do anything other than develop plugins for their software, and it would be to their advantage to allow as many people as possible to develop plugins for Maya.

Hmm, but they omitted it from the PLE on purpose.
Well, that’s cool then. Now all I need is a (licensed) 64-bits copy of Windows XP.

yes there lot of differences between PLE and TRIAL :wink: example you cant save a MA or either a MB with PLE…

oh autodesk got to a pretty nice company :slight_smile:

@jhocking: i love to develop in maya :slight_smile: yes i love maya

so now i spended one day, for excusing me that i was helping that the export is running on vista64. i should work on my game. but it was funny, thanks guys :slight_smile:

so peace at you…

Please don’t leave before answering this question, I’m rather curious:

sweden :slight_smile: