errors while exporting

since i updated to maya2009, i get this error messages… (kFailure): Unexpected Internal Failure
:maya:mayaegg(error): Unable to read
Errors in conversion. 

thanks for help

what i did, i copied from maya2009 bin folder the and libguide40.dll to the panda bin folder…

maybe there is no other solution left, i have to change back to a prevous version of maya :frowning:

im wondering why maya dont get supported by panda like before, what a bad world! :unamused:

the error isnt coming by the, oh and i tried only to export a plane from maya.

and i also cant imagin that it depend to my system (vista64), i was setting it up 3 days ago…

hmmm, now i give up!!!

could it be possible that the exporter isnt working with vista 64???

i wont change back to a 32bit version of windows, i was spending a complete day for this.

i have only one wish for the next release -> please support windows vista 64. i would have no problem to run a 32 bit version of maya, i always did. but please, this cant be true ,that a uptodate engine isnt supporting a 64 bit version of vista with maya! shame on you!!!

is there really no way, to get the maya exporter running on win vista 64???

i copied all those missing dlls. i downloaded the mfc80.dll copied them into the system 32.checked the system varibles and the last idea i had, is to install the servicepack 1 for vista 64, which took about a hour. yes i was spending the complete day to get the exporter to run. and the result = NOTHING WORKS!

but nice thats now osx is supported, which are used maybe from 20 peoples around the world :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: sorry just kidding. yes sure i think its cool, that lot of os will supported now, but why is the exporter not working for vista 64? at vista 32 i had no problems with, now have to switch back on the 32 bit version. thank you

The Maya exporter has to be built separately for each different operating system, for each different version of Maya. That’s a lot of different builds. It’s quite possible that Maya 2009 wasn’t available for the person who prepared the Vista 64 Panda build.

You can always download Panda from source and build it yourself. This will guarantee that it matches your version of Maya.


thanks, yes this will be the last way i have…

and there i wont get the same problems? i will try it, thanks for your answer.

Actually, what am I thinking? There isn’t a Vista 64 Panda build. There’s only a standard Panda build for Windows, which is 32-bit. I don’t think anyone’s attempted to build Panda on Win64 yet in native 64-bit mode.

It follows that your version of Maya also has to be 32-bit in order for it to be compatible with Panda.


yes this why i was asking you, i only find a 32bit source…

i will try it, if its not working, i can switch back to vista32

@drwr: :laughing: thx for help,but i choosed a other way, now it works.
i had to switch back to panda 1.5 :wink: and a old version of maya :slight_smile:

please dont get me wrong, but i was wondering was some developers are doing with panda. oh, and i really hoped i find a other way, maybe a nice hack, how i get the exporter running with maya in the newer releases on vista 64… :smiling_imp:

this is a bit dirty, but it works,install panda 1.5, at your system (environment) variables -> let the bin point to your panda 1.5 and the python pointing to your new panda version

if its not working, deinstall first your new version of panda, after you installed 1.5 reinstall it. but be sure about the setting of your system variables

for maya2009 ive found no way at moment…


Please stop posting over and over. Posting minute-by-minute accounts of your emotional state is not helpful. Perhaps you should be using twitter?

And instead of suggesting that Panda developers are wasting their time, I can assure you that there are more Panda users on Mac than there are using Vista64 together with Maya64.
Those that do, accept the fact that Maya64 is in fact a different version than Maya32 and you thus need to recompile Panda in order to be compatible with it.
If you have a legal license of Maya, you should be able to get the 32-bits version, too, which is probably the easiest solution. (The 32-bits version of Maya works on 64-bits Vista, just like the 32-bits version of Panda does.)

And jhocking is right. You made 5 successive posts within a few hours. That’s what twitter is for - otherwise, use the Edit button (or just have patience).

oh i got very deep problems with the panda maya (maya 32) exporter on vista 64, sure the panda engine is working on vista 64, i never said something different to, i only talked about the exporter :wink:.but, so far i can observe the views of different threads here, which are discribing this problem… - couple of tousands hits :wink:

about this mac thingi, i was only joking about :wink: you are right, maybe 21 users are using macs. :smiley: be aware lot of users (vista 64) are getting pissed, if there is a exporter included which isnt working with maya 32 :wink: include the maya2009 (32 bit) exporter at the panda 1.6.2 release and couple of prevous releases. im only wondering why the exporter was working without any pain on the 1.5??? :unamused:

about this twitter thingi :smiley:, look i only wanted to show you guys the painvalue of some users :wink: or is this forum running out of memory? :wink:

so guys keep cool :wink: i was only kicking softly your tail, there tons of other words which i could use for this problem…

@joking: look guy, how often got this problem solved here??? so i think, it is really useful :wink: but this is only depence to user with this problem :wink: and dont make me mad at you :wink: or i will advise you a froum!

Now you just switched from Twitter to Smileys. :slight_smile:

I could provide Max/Maya 64 supporters in the default build. I’d need to have those myself, though, and I don’t. On top of that, I think the default build will need to be compiled against 64-bits Windows XP, too, then. Which I don’t have, either.
If you could send me legal versions of both, I might reconsider it. :slight_smile:

yes sure it makes me smilling when my stomach get filled up , yum yum :smiley:

oh legal copies, check out there lot of trial versions around :wink:

i would prefer it too, if someone could pass me a maya2009 version, maybe i could solve this problem too… :slight_smile:

please if anyone is in touch with a version of maya2009, it will rest in good hand at mine :slight_smile:

Well, if you don’t have a (legal) copy of Maya installed, why are you wasting our time telling it’s not working? That explains why maya2egg fails for you with that error message.