errors running simple script

I have a new install of panda3d-1.5.4 under windows xp. When I run a very simple script to show a scene things work OK for a short while and then my command window logs errors thus

“Couldn’t open file D:\Panda3d-1.5.4\modelcache\index_name.txt, error 5”

Any ideas?



wow this is a kick ass forum, no reply yet. Looks like the average reply rate is 1 in 100 views - awsome.



Maybe no one’s responded because no one has any ideas.

Does the directory “D:\Panda3d-1.5.4\modelcache” exist, and is it writable? Does the file “D:\Panda3d-1.5.4\modelcache\index_name.txt” exist? Can you create it if it doesn’t, or is there some permissions problem?

Are you running in Vista? Do you have administrator access?


Looks like the average asshole rate just went up.

drwr went as far as to ask the most basic questions that most other people probably assumed you already checked, and therefore were out of ideas.

What’s the script you’re running exactly, what scene is it showing? Does this also happen for all of the samples? These things will at least narrow it down.

EDIT: This also isn’t an installation problem, as I’m assuming everything installed fine, so it’s also in the wrong spot, which doesn’t help.