Error with the level editor.


I figured that venturing a question to the hive mind would be very much worthwhile.

I’ve recently decided to have a bash at panda development from Windows, in lieu of the fact that Optimus on linux is reasonably horrendous. From here i’ve attempted to run the level-editor that’s packed with Panda 1.7.2, but i keep running into a problem.

Known pipe types:
(all display modules loaded.)
AL lib: dsound.c:209: Failed to play buffer: 0x80070490

The above snippet shows the outcome of running the LevelEditor. The reason for this error eludes me. I should probably also note that i’ve downloaded and installed WxPython for this version of Panda from the following link:

Any help would be greatly appreciated

P.S. Sorry if this is the wrong thread.

Did I leave some snippet of information out or not provide enough detail? Or is it simply so ‘off topic’ that people dont know?

Just wondering if anybody has had this problem before with the level editor.

I don’t think anyone has any experience with this particular error.

The error message is mysterious, and seems to indicate a problem playing a sound file, which doesn’t have much to do with the level editor. You could try disabling the sound library by putting “audio-library-name null” in your Config.prc to see if that error message then goes away.

But this may or may not be related to your actual failure to launch (presuming that you are, in fact, experiencing a failure to launch). There’s not enough information here to guess what might be going wrong.

Can you run Panda programs other than the level editor successfully? That is, can you import DirectStart and get a gray window?

Can you import wx from your Panda version of Python and get a working wx context going? That is, can you run a plain wx program from this Python?

And then, if both of those work, can you successfully open wx and a Panda window in the same program?


Hi drwr,

thanks for the reply.

I’ve managed to run the Panda3D samples and am currently in the process of writing my own code; so that works, at least. I haven’t attempted to actually create a wxPython box using the panda python installation, but i have successfully imported it.

I could try creating some windowy type stuff for wx and will try the config edit.