Error with maya2egg7 and mayaPandaTool

I´m completely new to Panda, but I must say I like it for using Python and for its very well organized docs you have online. I have read many of the .py in the samples and in the airblade source files.
I´m using maya 7 and I´d like to know if anyone can help me solve an issue I´m having with the exporter tools.
When I try to run, for example, maya2egg7, like:
C:\Panda3D-1.2.3\mystuff\maya2egg7 -a model -o mytestscene.egg mytestscene.mb

I receive a popup window with a error message talking about something like:

“ENTRY POINT NOT FIND - 'unable to find the point of entry in the procedure ?open@MFileIO@SA?AVMStatus@@ABVMString@@PBD_N@Z in the dynamically linked library OpenMaya.dll.”

(maybe a bit different because I´m trying to translate the meaning - my windows here is in portuguese)

I´ve already done the basic introductory tutorial in which we setup the scene with the panda and the bamboos and I was going to test this Panda I´ve rigged and animated:

But the I´m almost giving up, because my success until now with the maya2egg7 and the mayaPandaTool.mel is zero.
I must say I´m new to scripting and programming in general. Only know the BASICS of python and C++.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Do you get the same problem with panda3d 1.2.3?

I should also mention - don’t use mayapandatool until we get this bug sorted out. Use maya2egg7.

This problem is happening with Panda3d 1.2.3 with me here, as I described. I even uninstalled and installed Panda3d 1.3 yesterday late at night. But the bug is the same.

As I described, I´ve tried to use the maya2egg7 in the command prompt. The bug I described is happening with the maya2egg7.
What I´ve got when using the mayapandatool was that it seemed to complete the export process, but not .egg file is created (onlt the xxxx_temp.mb), and when I look into the script editor in maya, near the end of the output description lines: " xxxx (I don´t remember now the name) is not a valid interior or exterior command", or something like this.

I don´t know if it´s something related to the mayapandatool, but now maya is opening without my preferences setup, like with the default preferences for windows, colors, shelves etc. I´ve tried to open my userprefs in the script editor and execute it, but nothing happens. Does it have something to do with the bug?

(I´m looking forward to use panda in some very small games with the purpose of learning game development in steps for now and later try to develop a nice professional game.)

Ah! I think I understand. Do you have two versions of maya installed at the same time? If so, then I know what the problem is. Maya2egg7 is looking for openmaya.dll, and it’s finding the wrong DLL (in the maya 6 directory, for instance).

In that case, the thing to do is to either uninstall the old version, or at least, remove the old maya directories from your PATH environment variable.

Many thanks for the prompt reply, Josh!

I think you´re right!
I´ve just found right now what was making maya startup without my prefs. I don´t know how, but there was a maya prefs directory with factory defaults it was pointing to, inside the Documents and Settings folder in windows. I´ve deleted this folder and now maya seems to be pointing to the right folder, inside My Documents.

I was looking for something on the environment variables right now. So… If I remove the old version from the PATH env variable, do you think I will loose any functionality in the old version? Because I still need it for some old stuff that doesn´t open or support maya 7.
What do you think?

If i manage to export the animated Panda to .egg, I will put a link here for anyone who wants it.

Thanks again. :slight_smile:

Honestly, I don’t know for sure. I suspect not, but you never know.

I need to think of a better solution than this. This problem keeps cropping up.

Thanks for your attention, Josh.
I´ll see here if I will change the path variable.

Thanks, Josh.
It worked.