Error when creating blank window - please help.

Hi all.:smiley:
I’m new here, and don’t have a big expirience in C++, if I put this topic in wrong section then sorry. But back to my problem.
I work on Ubuntu lucid 64bit (AMD64), and few days ago I downloaded panda3d 1.7.0 deb package. I installed it with no problems, but when I’m trying to build and run the blank window application (I took the code from manual):

eclipse(CDT) console shows me this:
I import to eclipse project all files from /usr/include/panda3d and python headers (I use Python 2.6.5), I have installed many usefull python “dev” libraries, and C/C++ plugins for eclipse. Please help me with that undefined reference to `main’ error :cry: .

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That’s very weird indeed. I do notice that you haven’t saved your cpp file yet, though. Could that be it?

Thank you for reply… yes saving is very important and I always save my project using File->Save All, so the problem isn’t here. But I read somethink about the linker that i must import files to it - do you know anything about that. :unamused:

I finally solved the problem by instaling pydev. It is needed when programing in eclipse.