Error when building with Eclipse - minmax.h not found

Hi all,

Still trying to get this thing up and running. I tried to build (in Eclipse) the example here but got the error “fatal error: minmax.h: No such file or directory”. I haven’t found very much having to do with that error, the latest post was 4 years ago, and it mentioned having to use MSVC to compile instead of MinGW (which I’m using), but I’m not sure if any progress has been made on that front or not.

Sorry for all the (probably) stupid questions I’m likely going to ask, I’m pretty lost for now but really trying to get better.

You have to use the MSVC 2008 for the 1.8 release and MSVC 2010 for a recent development release. You may be able to configure Eclipse to use MSVC under the hood.

Hi did you ever get it working, as I am having a similar problem.

I didn’t want to use visual studio. I user codeblocks with the mingw gcc compiler.
Everytime I try to complete I get the fatal error: minmax.h: no such file or directory.

If you have got it working, I could do with some help.