Error to detect when collision is happen?

I try create a simple game, then when i doing collision detection, confuse to the way of programming when i load a model… then i move my character and collide to the object, but it do not hv any collision.

And plz can I noe how to do a simple collision detection with collision entry, collision sphere, collision node, and collision handler pusher. Better reply by the source code, appreaciate…

Have you read through the text in the manual, and have you studied the examples in the sample programs, especially Roaming Ralph?

If this information is not helpful, then you will need to ask a much more specific question to get useful help.


Thanks to ur reply david… yaya, i jz done all the manual and tutorial. Is that stil hv more tutorial abt panda 3d i can found? It would be better for me to explore it more by using vs2008 c++… ^^