error runing .exe on other computer

I installed and run an .exe on another computer. It loaded the game and then returned this error in dos

couldn’t open file c:\game\modelcache\index_name.txt, error 5

Does anyone have any idea why this problem keeps reoccuring?

  1. the windows command interpreter is not dos
  2. use relative paths instead of absolute
    ./models/foo.egg # right
    /c/game/models/foo.egg # wrong


@Nemesis: in this case that’s not the issue.

It looks like something weird happened to the model cache – what happens if you clear the modelcache directory in the installed game?

I wanted to reply yesterday, but I am having some serious problems with my internet connection.

I’ll have to get back to you a little later on this topic, because the guy whose computer I installed the file on, has deleted it. So I have to wait until I can reinstall it again to check what happens when I clear the modelcache. Thanks

i encounter the same problem,

Couldn’t open file: C:\Panda3D-1.6.2\modelcache\index_name.txt, error 5

it occurs after moving panda from XP into Windows7, and rdb solution is correct, empty the modelcache folder.

probably the cache from the old XP is not compatible with the new one.

so this case is solved for that error 5.