Error playing wav out of a multifile the wav's

Error playing wav out of a multifile the wav’s are short enough in that they should be loaded in memory and played there

:movies(error): cannot play movie (not seekable): pandavfs:/p/2aw/tools/make_z/out/data/sounds/ui/blip0.wav
:movies(error): Could not open /p/2aw/tools/make_z/out/data/sounds/ui/blip0.wav
:audio(error): Cannot open file: /p/2aw/tools/make_z/out/data/sounds/ui/blip0.wav
:audio(error): Could not open audio /p/2aw/tools/make_z/out/data/sounds/ui/blip0.wav

There is a module called “ffmpegVirtualFile.cxx” that connects panda’s VFS layer to ffmpeg’s VFS layer. In that file, I put in an explicit test to make sure that the file could seek. That is the error you are seeing.

I don’t remember exactly why I put in that test, but I think it’s because ffmpeg needs to seek.

If you want to, you could reimplement part of “ffmpegVirtualFile.cxx.” Step one would be to check for seekability. If it can’t seek, read the whole thing into RAM and create a string-stream that can seek, and give that to ffmpeg.

Also note that streams out of a multifile are seekable, as long as the file is neither compressed nor encrypted within the multifile. So one easy solution would be not to compress or encrypt your wav files.


Oh David thats a nice quick fix my wav’s don’t take too much space.