Error on packpanda


I am trying to use packpanda to create a standalone game.

But I have a silly error, and it is not really one!

D:\pascal\shimstar\clientShimstar>packpanda --fast --dir .
PANDA located at D:\app\Panda3D-1.8.0
Dir            : D:\pascal\shimstar\clientShimstar
Name           : clientShimstar
Start Menu     : clientShimstar
Main           : D:\pascal\shimstar\clientShimstar\
Icon           : D:\pascal\shimstar\clientShimstar\icon.ico
Bitmap         : D:\pascal\shimstar\clientShimstar\installer.bmp
License        : D:\pascal\shimstar\clientShimstar\license.txt
Output         : D:\pascal\shimstar\clientShimstar\clientShimstar.exe
Install Dir    : C:\clientShimstar

Copying the game to D:\pascal\shimstar\clientShimstar\packpanda-TMP...
Cannot copy game to D:\pascal\shimstar\clientShimstar\packpanda-TMP

I don’t where to go to find more on errors?

Why are you using packpanda on a 1.8 release? packp3d, ppackage and pdeploy are the “current” tools, I don’t know if you can get results with packpanda.

I 've found packpanda in the manual : … _packpanda

And it sounds great, because of

pdeploy produces Windows installers (NSIS-based) and Linux packages as well (and OSX ones).