Error installing rpm

Hi, I am trying to install panda3d on my Mac OS (Leopard). i downloaded panda3d-1.5.2-fedora8.i386.rpm. Then ran the command rpm --install panda3d-1.5.2-fedora8.i386.rpm from the linux ‘Terminal’ in Mac 0S. I get the error “invalid number of transaction elements”. Any suggestions on how I can overcome this problem and have an install of panda3d? Thank you.

I really doubt the Fedora 8 RPM will work on Mac.
If you want to use Panda3D on Mac, you can either compile Panda3D yourself, or, you can use the .app from the forums here:
(Scroll a bit down for the actual version.)

If you want to compile Panda3D yourself, from scratch, use this guide: … opard.html