Error in uv setting when export .egg from .dae

Hi there,

I am now using maya2009 to render a wall model. The texture is a stone picture. The repeat UV is 20 and 4. The render view in maya seems normal. But when I export the .dae file into .egg file, it can not tell the texture, it’s only the yellow surface. The following is what I got during the export.

Ekstrom-iMac-2:EEGtest huizhang$ cd /Applications/Panda3D/1.6.2/bin
Ekstrom-iMac-2:bin huizhang$ dae2egg -o wall6.egg wall6.dae

Reading wall6.dae
:daeegg(warning): No uv set binding found for input set 0
Writing wall6.egg

So now how can I solve this problem?

Please email the problematic .dae file to me (hit the e-mail button below this post) and I’ll look into the problem. I probably won’t have time for it anytime soon (as my todo list is huge), but I’ll get to it eventually. :slight_smile:

For the record, Panda also provides Maya exporters, and that pipeline is a lot more stable than the collada pipeline (as a lot of people use Maya).

Thank you.

When I drag the MayaPandaTool.mel into the work space of maya2009. Maya always crashed.

Does there a proper version of MayaPandaTool.mel for maya2009?