Error in building distributable: mismatched hashes

I’ve just tried to create a build of my game. However, on completing the download of the Windows 64-bit wheel, the build-system exited with the following error:

THESE PACKAGES DO NOT MATCH THE HASHES FROM THE REQUIREMENTS FILE. If you have updated the package versions, please update the hashes. Otherwise, examine the package contents carefully; someone may have tampered with them.
    panda3d from (from -r /home/thaumaturge/Documents/My Game Projects/AdventuringDemo/requirements.txt (line 1)):
        Expected md5 cc22e0d0142151f507203bec715006b6
             Got        eac46e443d5644e44d5ab14eb5084a76

My “requirements.txt” specifies only “panda3d”.

Could you delete the build dir and try again now?

I’ve been running further builds, as it happens–but somehow it keeps finding a cached version somewhere. (And I’ve indeed deleted my “build” folder.)

I’d like to build from scratch, but I’m not sure of where this cache is that it’s using–do you know where I might look? (I’m using Ubuntu Linux.)

I will say that I pulled a previous wheel-cache out of my rubbish-bin, and I’ve thought that it may be that file that it’s finding. But conversely, it seemed to also be finding a Linux wheel-cache, and furthermore I’ve moved and renamed the wheel-cache from the rubbish-bin…

I think there is a cache in ~/.cache/pip/wheels on Linux.

Thank you, and indeed I just found that one, and I think that wiping it did the job.

(I also upgraded pip3 while I was at it.)

With that sorted out, I’ve rebuilt, and indeed, it seems to be working now! :slight_smile:

Thank you for your aid, and anything that you did in the background. :slight_smile: