Error compiling on Ubuntu latest version

Hi all,

I have tried to compile the latest version of Panda on Ubuntu lastest version but I have not success. I obtain an error like this (sorry, I do not have the real message):

“The class pStatCollector does not have a flush_level() member” while compiling gobj/geomCacheManager.cxx" I am not sure about the file name but it is in the gobj directory. The gcc version is 4.0.4.

I think the problem is related with static fields and inherance.

Any idea?



This is a bug that we have fixed on the CVS trunk, although it may still exist on the current release tarball. It only appears when you try to build without PStats support, for instance because you do not have the NSPR library installed, or because you are compiling with OPTIMIZE level 4.

Possible solutions: (1) use the CVS trunk (but there may be other issues with this), (2) install NSPR and/or build OPTIMIZE level 3, so that you are building with PStats support, or (3) comment out the offending line–you don’t need it.