Error C2197 with interrogate

When I include “shader.h” in my interrogate project, I am getting the following error:

error C2179: d:\Programs\Visual C++ 2008\VC\include\vector(717) : "formal parameter '_Val' with __declspec(align('16')) won't be aligned"

… also a bunch of warnings about “conflict between signed and unsigned”, but that might be ok.

The error is thrown in the cxx file generated by the “interrogate” command.

Is there a way to fix it? Thanks :slight_smile:


Maybe related to: [url]Building from last cvs trunk?]

Thanks! It was related, but in another file. The problem is in shader.h:483:

  epvector <ShaderMatSpec> _mat_spec;

That line throws the error … how could I fix it? I already tried to compile panda with “–no-eigen”, but that did not change anything … Also I changed it’s type to “pvector” and “vector”, also “std::vector”, but it still did not work …


Hmm, epvector should be correct.
Maybe you can find more information is this older thread: [url]eigen]