Error after installing X11 - Leopard 10.5.6

Panda3D was working just fine until I installed X11. I tried to run this basic program but it wouldn’t work.

import direct.directbase.DirectStart

I get the following output on the terminal:

I had just gotten started with Panda3D last week and was making great progress until this.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Darn, I guess I’ll have to make the buildscript root through dependencies and set absolute rpaths.

What happens if you move /usr/X11/lib/libpng.* out of the way?

Thanks for your reply.

That didn’t work. It just tells me it can’t find the library. I copied it to the x11/lib folder and now it tells me version 0.0 instead of 4.0

What puzzles me is that it says that libpanda.dylib is referencing X11. I haven’t found anything on the Internet about Panda3D coexisting with X11.

I have also tried uninstalling X11 but the problem doesn’t go away.