equippable items

Although for the moment I don’t need exact details on how what i’m about to ask is accomplished i do need to know where to start.

I’m about to start a project that involves your character being able to equip various weps and armor as well as other aspects you can change.
I imagine that if you only had a few things to choose from, for instance maybe light, medium, and heavy armor and a couple weapons, then the simplest method would be just create an object and the animations for each. But what i’m about to try to accomplish involves several types of armor each for: torso, legs, boots, gloves, helmet, etc… needless to say it’d take a near impossible amount of objects to cover all possible combinations. The only other method I can think of was used in the making of the “Sims” game where the animation of the characters was controlled by the bones and the objects themselves were un-animated, just meerly attached to the bones in game allowing for different parts of the “object” to be replaced and attached to the origonal bone set without having to animate everything.

Is this possible with this program? And if it is, where should i begin to look for the whole “how to” information?

sure - here there is some code to play with

ok, thanks much, i’ll have a look

Note that the “Looking and Gripping” sample also covers this.

ok, i’m on dial-up and the download will take over an hour here so i’m going to download it to my flash drive from another computer, but does this smaple you’re guiding me to cover the how to or just show the code used here?

No hurry though as this is really something I’m not going to need for a while, just something I needed to know can be done for now. Now that I know it’s possible I’ll just have to figure out a few other issues before I begin. thanks for your help so far.

what I pointed you out is carrying either commented code and blender sources (this is why is so big) and plus it got the ‘wearing’ features that the sample cited by rdb ain’t. My only fear is that you’ll find a bit complicated and I should I’ve done it more in a tutorial fashion for sure. Let me know anyhow how you feel it.

Ok there’s just one more thing i need to ask before i really start my project.

I’m shooting for something multiplayer, specifically MMO capable or massive multiplayer online. However I will not have the ability to test it online for quite some time. Is it very difficult to simply create a single player game then later once that’s sorted out and functioning properly, make some changes to allow for massive multiplayer capability? or would my best bet still be to program it as an MMO from the beginning?

I would say your idea to start as a single player game is a great idea! Some of the code would transfer although not all of it (Id say 70% of it would and then you add your MMO code into it), and this would give you an indepth view of Panda and how to make a game with it before you start on the “MMO Trek” As alot of people go in not realizing how much work it realy is just to make a mmo. Also this would allow you to optimize the code you have to start exampling how many people can play so you get 1 person then say 25-100 then expand even farther. This is just an example.

ok, thanks for that. It takes a load off of my mind. Another issue i just thought i may have to deal with in the future and would like to start preparing for now is this:

Once it’s up as an MMO (if sucessfully completed) the game should obviously be operated from a server. this server should be what does all the work and the computers linking up to play should only really be processing not much more than the appropriate animation for what’s happening. Anything the player does (the keyboard actions and so on) should not tell their computer do to any actions but to send that info back to the server and then the server determins the appropriate action, executes it, and then meerly send back to the player which animation to display. (is this how most are done? i think so but not sure) I do believe that doing things this way eliminates most “cheating” and really the only thing a player can manipulate sucessfully by changing game code in their computer is possibly maybe changing the back ground music and animations and such. only the way things look to them. Can this be done? Although I wouldn’t be supprised to learn that what i’m asking is automatic. in short, i don’t want something that can easily be manipulated (hacked)

What would be the best method?

Just to clarify some things in my previous post about the server doing all the work and the players computers handling nothing more than the graphics, I mean something like, if the user attacks something i don’t want their computers to determine the amount of damage delt as if this information is handled within their own computer it can easily be hacked so that the user can inflict massive damage from a very low level. however if this information is handled by the server then the odds of it being hacked are signicantly lessened.