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For maya 8.5, use maya2egg85.

For maya 2008, contact me and I’ll send you back an email.


so is there a maya2egg for Maya 2008? I’m working on an Intel Mac, OSX 10.4 trying to get maya2egg for Maya 8.5 to work (still no luck) but have the Maya 2008 installation CD at the ready. I don’t want to upgrade and be in worse straits than I’m in now. Any suggestions on whether it would be easier on 2008 vs 8.5? Or am i better off for now with 8.5?


you could always export using maya’s objExport plugin first and the obj2egg it afterwards?

i wrote obj2egg and it only supports single texture uv’s models. Best bet is to use blender as a conversion util. maya->blender (fix it up) -> Egg.