Encrypting data for network transmission?


I’m using Pandas networking classes (QueuedConnectionReader/Writer, PyDatagram, etc.) with a lot of joy and success.

However, eventually, I would need all network communication to be encrypted.
Is there a way for doing this?

I assume Disney has some sort of encryption for their products. I’m wondering if that is accessible?



Within Disney, we use the CM_HTTP connection method of ConnectionRepository to communicate over a secure socket when necessary. This actually uses a higher level of API than the low-level QueuedConnectionManager etc.

There’s no SSL stuff built into ConnectionManager et al.


What you could do is make the client or server side gather the data it needs and then put a code in side it like: “abc” + code = “123” 123 is the abc to their number value or how ever you want to do it. Thats just a simple way of doing tho and you could run into problems like sending big things of data, so you’ll have to set it up to your like.